San Felice A Cancello

On Sunday, 27th January, the Medellin Foodies group came together for a breakfast / brunch at Azai, a new healthy food restaurant in the trendy neighborhood Manila. The restaurant has mainly vegetarian and vegan options, as well as many sugar free and gluten free products. They source most of their ingredients from local farmers in Santa Elena.

On Sundays Azai offers a special Sunday brunch option with Venezuelan stuffed arepas, vegi or with chicken.

What did our foodies think about this new healthy food restaurant?


I had the chicken-guacamole arepa, it was really filling, I was surprised at how filling this was. I loved how the guacamole and shredded chicken were pre’mixed. It made the texture really nice and I loved the homemade arepas.

For dessert I had the Cheesecake to go – it’s been hard for me to find mora cheesecake in Medellin, so I’m very happy with this option.

I also had the Matcha-mora cake to go – loved the touch of the edible flowers on top.

The beautiful decor, cutlery and dishes, made the experience feel exquisite.


As most of the others I chose the brunch option for 30,000 COP which includes an arepa of your choice, a coffee, a cold pressed juice and a dessert. I love coconut and when I saw they offer a coconut coffee I was really excited to try it. They prepare it with the French press and add coconut milk, it was delicious. The arepa I had was stuffed with mushrooms and black beans and was also very tasty. To drink I had the yellow juice with mango, passion fruit, cucumber and lemon, very healthy and delicious. For dessert I chose the matcha chocolate cake, that was great as well. Overall everything was a nice experience, service was friendly, food healthy and tasty and I like the concept that they use locally grown/produced ingredients.



I had the vegi-arepa – excellent quality and ingredients… the avocado was super fresh and everything had a great balance. This arepa was without any cheese and obviously meat as it can be vegan.

I also had a coffee, French pressed coffee. It had a nice flavor and was not too overpowering.

The homemade cheesecake was very flavorful! Great consistency and taste.



I really enjoyed this cafe. Obviously it helps that the company was awesome as always. I had the arepa Pabellon with an orange juice which was made with ginger. The arepa was very filling and the service was excellent.



I had the arepa pabellon which was quite nice with black beans mushrooms and platano maduro and cheese. I thought it was nicer than a colombian arepa, the cornmeal was yellow instead of the typical white. The juices were a bit small but had a nice flavor mixing a few different fruits. Great service and they all spoke english for those who needed it.


Heather and Jeff:

The food was delicious and the presentation was very classy.  We had the chicken and avocado arepa and it had a nice flavor. We definitely recommend this very cute restaurant.



The arepas were well prepared, very balanced taste and great presentation. A very nice place, and as a Venezuelan, I definitely recommend it!