On Thursday night (May 3rd, 2018) the Medellin Foodies Group met up at Kuelap, a Peruvian restaurant located in the Milla de Oro area in Poblado. The restaurant came highly recommended by some members of the Foodie Group and it met the expectations.

The food was really good and the location is great. They have outdoor and indoor seating. What stood out was the excellent service of our waiter Daniel.

Here is what the individual members of the Medellin Foodie Group said about their experience at Kuelap restaurant after the dinner:


I am usually a tough judge when it comes to reviewing the restaurants we visit but this one impressed me.

I ordered the fish in yellow pepper (aji amarillo) sauce with shrimps. It was well cooked and a big portion. It came with a big side salad. The shrimps were also well prepared, big and fresh. The sauce could have been a bit spicier and less salty but that is just my personal preference.

I also tried the Ceviche Mixto, the Causas and the Lomo Saltado with Spaghetti a la Huancaina. All of these dishes were delicious, I especially recommend the Lomo Saltado with Spaghetti a la Huancaina which made my taste buds light up.

The service was outstanding. We were a big group of 12 people but our waiter did an excellent job. He was very attentive, friendly and knowledgeable.

I’d give this place 5 out of 5 stars.



There was a diverse selection of dishes on the menu and I chose the Trio Salteado. My plate was visually pleasing, a large portion size and the flavors were excellent. All three types of meat were very tender.

The pisco sours were lovely too! I’d also like to say a special thanks to our waiter, Daniel, who worked hard to keep up with us and was very knowledgeable about the restaurant concept and the ingredients for each dish.


I had a soup, not completely sure about the name but I think it was something like Aguadito de Mariscos. The soup was green, I didn’t expect that, haha. It had mixed vegetables and seafood. Everything was cooked perfectly and the soup had a great flavor. I’d totally recommend this dish. The plates I tried from the others, the Ceviche and the Causas were also very tasty.


I had the spaghetti with shrimp in yellow pepper (Aji) sauce. It was cooked perfectly and very filling. I also tried some other dishes which were actually better. The waiter was attentive and friendly.

The place was small and cramped for a group of our size. I would come back to try other dishes.


Small nice environment but crazy noisy when the glass doors are shut due to rain. Daniel was a great server and was capable of working in Spanish or English. 

I had the Tacu Tacu with Beef. Well prepared with great flavors and textures. I especially loved the caramelized onions on this dish. The chef doesn’t cover the flavors of the food but uses them in balance to showcase all the flavors. 

I also tasted Ruth’s soup and Andrews fish. These were even better than my dish. The soup had a range of veggies in it that still had some firm texture and flavor.  Many soups have just been overcooked and the veggies are mushy. The fish was FAB! Wonderful crispy texture but not over breaded and the fish was still juicy and had great flavor.

I was very impressed. 4 out of 5 stars


As an appetizer, I had these 3 spoons. Octopus, crab, and shrimp they were way too small for me but very tasty. 

For my first main course, I had this ceviche mixto. The taste was great. I really loved the fact that they put cassava and the roasted corn. Again this wasn’t enough food for me, but I really enjoyed it.

As a second main course, I ordered the fried fish with steamed veggies. This was a very big piece of fish. Not only was it nice and crispy on the outside, but it was also tender on the inside. I had to give some to Darren to try, and he conquered, it was outstanding. I wish I had taken a picture of this dish.

To drink I had a Mojito and a Pisco Sour. They were both light on the alcohol side but tasted fine.

I’ll definitely be going back!


I thought the service was outstanding, especially for the size of our group and the number of staff. The food presentation was beautifully done on all dishes. I had two entradas: trio de causa and yuquitas. The yuquitas were little, fried balls of mashed yuca with mozzarella inside. The consistency was perfect – crunchy outside and creamy inside. It came with a mild creamy dipping sauce. The trio de causa was also well done. It consisted of a small portion each of shrimp salad, tuna salad and chicken salad, each on top of a platform of a delicious potato/corn mixture. I would definitely come again.


I had the Fish Parmesan with sauteed vegetables and salad. The side dishes were very good. I loved the vegetables, they were really fresh and the fish was just perfect. The crust was crunchy and the fish inside was moist and very well done. I really enjoyed it and I would recommend the dish. The portion was very generous, so you can be really full with just this plate.


The Pescado a lo Macho I ordered was delicious! The perfectly cooked fish was moist and served with a slightly picante (spicy) tomato and wine sauce, topped by mixed seafood (shrimp, octopus, etc). Excellent side salad, too. It can be challenging to find great fish in Medellin. This was a winner! Definitely will come back here again.


I had octopus, it was really really nice, the only downside was that the portion was a little small. I also ordered some mixed ceviche which was great. All the other food I tried from the other was I had great standard. I had a fun time and I will definitely come back.