On Tuesday night the Medellin Foodie group went to Mordisko, a Peruvian restaurant in Barrio Colombia, an industrial area close to Premium Plaza mall. This is what our Foodies thought about the restaurant:




I had Ceviche Mixto, which was really good and a Causa as appetizer. Portions were good, flavor was good, service was attentive. I think it’s a nice place.




I really enjoyed the food here. I had the Ceviche Mixto, really fresh fish, I ordered it spicy and it was the right amount of spice. The Chicha Morada was nice too. The service was really lovely, the waiter was very friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend this restaurant.



I really liked this place. I was happy with the flavor of the food and the portion size was good. They really made an effort with the service, it was very good. I’m great and I’ll come back.



I came to the Peruvian place and got the Thai Fried Rice, haha.. I know, but it was actually really good. It had a bunch of vegetables, the meat was cooked well, a little heavy on the soya sauce but overall, it’s pretty good. I’ll come back.




I had Thai Rice, it was pretty good. I recommend this place, at least to try it once.


Nikki (7 years old, our youngest Foodie):

I had the Chicken Nuggets Kids Menu with French Fries and I liked it, it was very yummy.



I ordered the Lomo Saltado, it was very good. They could have worked a bit on the presentation but it is very decent. I would come again, I recommend it.




I ordered the Lomo Saltado, the junior portion but it was big. The flavor was good, the meat wasn’t that tender but it was okay. The service was very friendly and attentive. I also tried the Ceviche which I think was really good and the Thai Rice but I didn’t like that one. It had to much soya sauce and I didn’t taste any coconut flavor although it said on the menu it comes with coconut milk. I would only recommend to come here for the ceviche, the other plates where nothing special and I find the prices a little high for the area.