Palazzetto D´Italia Ristorante Medellin

On Friday evening the Medellin Foodie Group went to an Italian restaurant in the center. Opened in 1986, Ristorante Palazzetto D’Italia is one of Medellin’s oldest Italian restaurants.

They offer a variety of homemade pasta as well as some meat options.

Here is what the members of the Medellin Foodie Group think about the restaurant:


I got the gnocchi and they were quite good. It was actually the first time I had pasta in Medellin in…I don’t even know how long. The bolognese sauce was nice, the wine as well. I’d give it a thumbs up.


I had the Cotoletta Parmigiana with fettuccine and pesto sauce.The parmigiana was quite tasty and it was huge. The salad was simple but good and the gnocchi was delicious too.


I had the Filet Mignon with french fries. It was really good, I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. They also had a nice salad bar. Overall I would say I’m satisfied.


I had the chicken lasagna with Alfredo sauce. It was good, maybe just a little too much sauce.


I ordered the Palazzetto lasagna with meat, chicken, ham, and mushrooms. It was tasty but I did find the sauce a little watery.


I had the lasagna, it was very good but I think it was a little expensive.


I had the penne pomodoro natural and it was very good.A simple dish but it was good. The restaurant is charming, something you would not expect in this part of the city. We will definitely come back.


I had the Filet Mignon, wrapped in bacon with french fries. The Filet Mignon was covered with gravy, not what I’m used to, but it was cooked well, the fries were crispy. I never had Filet Mignon like that, wrapped in bacon and covered with gravy but that’s okay. I would come back here.


I had a steak with some kind of tomato sauce. The steak was actually good but it was too much sauce for my taste, the fries were crispy. The price was right so I would definitely come back. It’s a nice hidden gem in El Centro.


I had the Palazzetto fettuccine, homemade spinach fettuccine in a bolognese sauce that also had chicken and mushrooms. The pasta was very tasty, I loved the fact that it was homemade, but the sauce didn’t really convince me. I also had a Tiramisu, which was a nice dessert but I didn’t taste any coffee or Amaretto so not so authentic in my opinion.


I had a steak with fettuccine and bolognese sauce. It was tasty, the steak was a bit chewy but I still liked it.